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Cafes Compiled Part II

It might not be such a good idea for me to be blogging about cafes during my Eat Clean Week...
But a promise is a promise and I am already a day late in doing so.
Here goes!





This is my second visit to Baker & Cook,
but first visit to their Holland Village outlet.

We were admittedly headed to Holland Village for Sunday Folks.
But unfortunately,
we were not aware that Sunday Folks only open from 4pm onwards on weekdays.

So we settled at Baker & Cook instead,
along the same row of shops as Sunday Folks!

The eggs benedict was a miss for us though.
The toast was so hard that we had to chew and tug at it with all our might before we could even detach a bite.
The quiche was average but not memorable.

Twice the disappointment for us because we thought we would be eating soft serve with ice cream that day.

Baker & Cook
44 Jalan Merah Saga
#01-56 Chip Bee Gardens




It's been so long since my visit that I've already forgotten the name of this cafe.
Either that or my memory is failing me at the age of 25.

Hooray for Instagram!

This cafe is called Quarter to Three.
Chanced upon it when I met my friends for dinner at Chicken Up and suggested it for brunch with Jazreel.

Loved the meatballs dish I ordered!
The meatballs are handmade (if I am not wrong) and so, so tender.
Wins Ikea meatballs hands down.

Rainbow cake was not impressive though,
tasted like your run-of-the-mill vanilla cake.
Still prefer NOM's any time!

Quarter to Three
88 Tanjong Pagar






Anthesis is one of my favorite cafes out of all that I have visited.
But sadly,
they closed down a couple of months back.

I don't think I will be blogging about the food much since you would not be able to visit this cafe anymore.
Enjoy the photos!







Anthesis, why you close down???





Visited Bloomsbury Bakers because I saw the speculoos apple crumble tart from IG and it looked SO GOOD.

But I guess luck was not on our side when we visited,
because we got a deconstructed tart in a plastic cup instead of a full tart.
Although it should have tasted the same technically speaking...
But a whole tart would have looked a whole lot nicer!

The lemon meringue tart and strawberry shortcake were not really worthy of mention.

Bloomsbury Bakers
30 Bendemeer Road




The food selection at The Tastemaker Store was really limited.
I think Yoko ordered some curry chicken rice (?) while I ordered a peanut butter cake with an iced matcha latte.
Don't think I will be returning to this cafe again,
but I think the decor looks really nice and rustic.

The Tastemaker Store
Blk 22 Havelock Road


Our first successful visit to Sunday Folks!
And it definitely did not disappoint.

We went on a late Friday afternoon and...

After getting ourselves a queue number,
we had to wait for about 20 minutes before we got our seat.

Another 20 minutes went by before we were served our waffles.
We ordered 2 of the regular waffles (2 slices of waffles) with pistachio soft serve and gula melaka soft serve.
Loved both!!

While I would hesitate about queuing for such a long time again,
these soft serve waffles were definitely worth the hype and rave reviews.

Waffles with ice cream only look good before you start eating,



Made our second visit last week because we were craving for it.
This time round,
we ordered pistachio with their premium sea salt chocolate honeycomb toppings.

Guess it will be my regular haunt for ice cream and waffles from now on!

If only the queue can be shorter.
Or maybe they can consider opening another outlet?

Sunday Folks
Chip Bee Gardens #01-52
44 Jalan Merah Saga





Tian Kee & Co is also a cafe which I see myself frequenting every now and then.
Main reason is because it is near to my work place!
they are going to close down in a year or two due to redevelopment of the Dakota Crescent area.

better visit while you still can!

On my second visit,
I tried the eggs benedict (not a fan of their cheese sauce, I prefer the traditional hollandaise!) and their rainbow tofu cheesecake.

The cheesecake was pretty good!
Loved the texture.
And of cos,
the pastel colours make it extremely IG worthy.

Tian Kee & Co
12 Dakota Crescent






I loveeeee Grub.
And especially so because it is really near where I stay.
the food hardly ever disappoints.
I think this is my 4th time there already.

Brought my mum there for her birthday lunch recently.

Ordered the sakura ebi pasta for the first time and I think it just made it to my list of must-orders at Grub.
Mentaiko fries goes without saying,
of course.

So hungry just looking at the photos.
Eating clean is so tough.

510 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1

that's all for part II.
Will do up another post once I accumulated more cafes to blog about.
Doubt I will be visiting any this week because am trying to eat clean.

Till then!


Pet Peeves.

1) After scrolling through my mental list of personal pet peeves, 
I've decided that my number 1 pet peeve has got to be having my pillow/bed/bolster/bed sheet "contaminated". 

Admittedly, since this pet peeve concerns only people who live in my house, 
they are the ones who are most likely to incur my wrath whenever they sit on my side of the bed when they just return home/sleep on my pillow without washing their hair before that/touch my bolster when they have yet to shower.

Actually this applies to my towel as well.

Don't ask me why.
I am not the cleanest person on earth la.

Want to pull out ALL my hair in frustration whenever this happens.

2) Receiving whatsapps from people who got my number from my friend/my friend's friend/my friend's friend's friend.

I am okay with it IF they got my permission through my friend/my friend's friend/my friend's friend's friend.

Ok la, then partly it is due to my friend's oversight to give my number without checking with me first.
Most of my friends, thankfully, are not like that.

But, unless it is life or death...
I don't really like it when random people whatsapp me out of the blue to ask/talk about things which I deem are not extremely important.

Worse if they whatsapp me at unearthly hours.
I'm usually still awake at unearthly hours,
just that I think of those hours as my personal time.
Even if I don't reply,
I still get pissed when I receive whatsapps (from people mentioned above).

3) Receiving FB messages from people who are not my friends.
It's okay if you know me and I know you but we're not technically friends and you FB message me.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to only allow my friends to PM me on FB.
And I think that I have already private-d my account as much as possible already eh.
Not sure why I still get random PMs every now and then.

Any social media professionals here to enlighten me?

4) Having to dig through my entire bag just to look for things.
Totally my own fault for buying bags without compartments and entirely guilty of not using the compartments in my bag.

But, you know, 
some bags just look TOO nice to not buy,
and when you're in a hurry you know you have no time to make sure your things go into the relevant compartments.


5) DUST.

I am okay with mess but not dust.
Dust is just gross and makes me feel icky all over.
And it makes my nose itchy.

6) When people want to say something mean on social media and they go like, "NO OFFENCE BUT..."

How about don't act like you're trying to be nice, just go away.
Nobody wants to hear what you have to say.

7) When people make pointless/EQ-less/sarcastic comments which are uncalled for.
Again, this happens a lot on social media.

8) People who are self entitled and buay paiseh.
Really want to elaborate more on this but I think some people will assume that I am talking about them and get all offended.

I better not.

9) Unfinished cups of tea lying around the house and in turn leaving ugly yellow stains on white ceramic cups.

10) When I make special effort to go to a place and it is CLOSED.
But the FB page states that it was supposed to be open on the day/time I was there.


11) Whenever I need to look for something and it is NEVER there.
But when I don't need that thing, it is ALWAYS around.

Does this happen to you too?
It's not just me right?

12) People who are just plain LAZY.
those people who think that asking someone and waiting for an answer is easier than Googling and getting an answer instantly.


Google is my best friend.
You should learn to make it your best friend too.

13) Just when I thought I've ran out of pet peeves to list down here...
My FB notification buzzed.

Last pet peeve.

Getting game requests/invites/some-shit-i-dont-care-about.

You are automatically un-friend-ed.