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Cafes Compiled Part I

I've been visiting quite a few cafes in the span of time which I have not been active (which I am still very much guilty for) here. 
And I thought I would do a compilation of the list of places I've visited to make up for my long absence.

If you're one of those who regularly checks back on my blog for new posts,
sorry that I have been disappointing,
I love you and am very grateful.

Realised that I deleted some of the older photos from my camera even before I could remember to save them onto my laptop.
Guess this means that I have an excuse to pay them another visit soon.

This is not going to be a super detailed post by the way,
in case you came here with high expectations.
Think I should do my disclaimer first.

Some of them are reduced to fuzzy memories since I visited them a couple of months back.
Ain't exactly good at remembering things nowadays because age is catching up, sobs.
I can only do a rough review, heh.
Butttt don't worry,
I can still remember those that are nice and worth trying.

I counted.
There are a total of 15 places that I will be sharing through 2 separate posts, yay!

They are in chronological order, by the way.
All addresses included.
You're welcome.

The Provision Shop






I remembered feeling impressed by the standard of food at The Provision Shop.
Totally was not expecting much but both the eggs ben and the homemade pasta blew me away.
It's been long since I'm impressed by eggs benedict after I tried the one at Bangkok's Roast.
Went on a Saturday and the place was not overly crowded.
The only downside would be that if you travel via public transport,
this place might not be very convenient.

Definitely worth a second visit.

General lighting at the cafe wasn't too good,
icky yellow lights.
But I was lucky cos I got a seat by the windows.
The Provision Shop 
Blk 3 Everton Park #01-79





I have been seeing so many people posting about Artistry,
and each of the photos look sooooo good.
Which kinda made me hold high expectations before even going there myself.

Celebrated my birthday there with my lovely TTR girls.

And I guess this is one of those times where looks are entirely deceiving.
The best tasting dish on the table was the cake which Audrey baked for me.

I heard that they used to have this peanut butter toast thing which many of their customers loved,
but it was not on the menu anymore when we visited.
Did they remove the item off the menu for good?
Anyone knows?

Parking was also an awful chore.
We had to park at this super run down "complex" which was about a 2 min walk away,
because you can almost NEVER get a parking slot along Arab Street.

17 Jalan Pinang

NOM (No Other Meaning) 


NOM is really famous for their rainbow cakes.
And I have to say -
their rainbow cakes are really one of the best I've tried in Singapore so far.

Tried both Salted Caramel and Oreo...
And the Salted Caramel won my heart.

Tried the food there as well but I would say not to bother.
Nowhere as memorable as the rainbow cake.

One of the reasons why I don't mind heading back there is because it is super near my office.
Like a 5 minutes drive away!
Parking space is abundant too.

Guess you can totally tell that I dread going to places with no parking,
Unless the food is extremely worth the hassle, of course.
Macpherson Community Club
Level 1, 400 Paya Lebar Way

Hatter Street Bakehouse & Cafe


Went back twice for the pandan ice cream waffles.
Definitely on my list of places for great desserts and waffles.

Worth the hype in my opinion.

Hatter Street
212 Hougang Street




Reached the cafe half an hour before the kitchen closed but the service staff still served us with a pretty commendable level of customer service.
She recommended me the burger but I ended up preferring Jazreel's dish.
I think it was the duck hash or something!
The burger was pretty tender and juicy the first few bites...
But it turned slightly tough towards the end.

Do take note of their operating hours if you plan to visit since they are not open throughout the entire day.

Kam Leng Hotel
383 Jalan Besar

Windowsill Pies



Hopped over to Windowsill Pies after lunch at Suprette since we were in the area.
Tried their key lime and vodka pie for the very first time and I loved the extra kick which the tiny vodka jelly cubes gave.
Went back to do a takeaway for it on a separate occasion because it tasted awesome!

Windowsill Pies
78 Horne Road

Llao Llao

If you have not heard of Llao Llao,
either you don't live in Singapore or have been living inside a cave for the past few months.
Okay, I kid.

This is not technically a cafe...
But I thought that it would be quite interesting to share since the whole world has been posting this on IG every now and then.

But seriously,
I was doubtful that a cup of yoghurt could actually command so much hype...
Until I tried it myself.

Queued for this on 3 separate occasions,

The Marina Square has a noticeably shorter queue on most days,
so you might want to head to that outlet if you're not extremely fond of queuing.

The average queue time at the 313 outlet is around 15-20 minutes based on my experience.

Llao Llao
313 Somerset

Habitat Coffee





Habitat Coffee is also a place that I frequently revisit.
One reason is due to the fact that it is pretty near where I'm staying.
Another reason has to be that it is the fastest place where I can get my truffle fries craving satisfied.

Yes, am still not over truffle fries.

Didn't order truffle fries the most recent visit,
because we wanted to try their churros!
Really should have stuck to ordering truffle fries though.

The churros pale in comparison to those I've had in Korea.

On the bright side,
I found a new favourite!
Their ocean linguine officially made it to my list of awesome pastas,
ranked below TCC's seafood aglio.

This cafe is ALWAYS crowded whenever I visit...
So be sure to go during off peak hours or prepare to spend a significant time in the queue.

Habitat Coffee
233 Upper Thomson Road

I'm now off to shift all my junk from the room to the living room to make way for painters tomorrow.
Read my Dayre to see the transformation we're making to my house!


Hello, again.

Hello blog. 

Sorry I have been away for the longest time ever.
I have not forgotten about you, but...
Work has been busy, and I have been sharing my memories more frequently on Dayre and IG instead.
But I promise to come back more often,
whenever I get the chance to. 

I hope you understand.

Nothing much has been going on in my life for the past two months that I have been away for.

My life is still the same old.

Oh wait, I got a new bunny and he's just the cutest thing EVER.
I think you will agree.

Blog, quick say HELLO to 小不点!







Okay I need to stop before I spam you with too many of his pictures.
He's so super aww-worthy and squish-worthy all at once, no?

And I've changed my phone from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6.
Just yesterday!

And oh, we're doing a head to toe revamp for TTR's website.
No sneaks yet because I want it to be a complete surprise.

We did a change of logo and I'm loving it.
It's designed by the very same person who designed your outlook,
the very awesome one and only Yoko Yeap!
There's also a round version but I'm lazy to grab and upload it,
you have to head over to TTR's IG to check it out for yourself.

Recently, I have also gone back to playing squash and I realised just how much I've missed being on the courts.

Carrying around a notebook to jot down to-do lists and random ideas that come to me is also something I've re-picked up.

It's Friday today and I'm giving the office an early dismissal because we're heading to Sunday Folks for some waffles and soft serve ice cream.

Bye for now,
I've missed you so.

Be right back!