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WANDER | Brisbane & Gold Coast

The best part of travelling is that you always find what you're not looking for.
The chance encounters. The conversations struck up with strangers you meet around the corner. That quaint cafe you haphazardly stumble upon.

It's hardly been a month since my return and my luggage is not even entirely unpacked,
but I already find myself yearning for my next escape.
Maybe the travel bug bit me hard or maybe I just want to be anywhere else right now, haha.


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The first accommodation we put up at was wonderful in so many ways -  from the brightly lit apartment with a nice spacious living area and balcony right down to the gorgeous rustic little cafe Jak + Hill located right at the lobby.
It took us just few minutes to walk to Brisbane's CBD area, and we had no problems navigating ourselves there after detailed guidance from the lovely staff at the reception.
It was more than we could ask for.
Punthill Brisbane
40 Astor Terrace
Spring Hill
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If you somehow find yourself craving for authentic Korean food while in Brisbane, I would recommend this place.
I felt like I was being transported back to Seoul while slurping on the soondubu jjigae.
Madtongsan II
85 Elizabeth Street
P7318574 copy P7318577 copy

It actually took me a while to get accustomed to the fact that night fell really quickly wherever we were.
I would be sending sunset photos to my family and friends at around 5pm UTC + 10:00 but the sun would be still shining bright for them because it would be 3pm back here in Singapore. Hahaha.

P8018588 copy P8018589 copy P8018593 copy P8018597 copy P8018602 copy P8018606 copy P8018607 copy P8018608 copy

Hops Scotch & Beans
101 Petrie Terrace

P8018644 copy P8018645 copy P8018646 copy P8018648 copy P8018652 copy

Kiss The Berry
Shop 1, 99 Creek Street
P8018654 copy P8018657 copy P8018658 copy P8018661 copy P8018662 copy P8018664 copy P8018665 copy

Didn't manage to score any good buys at the flea market we went to at Brisbane except for a gorgeous handmade ceramic plate.
But still, worth a visit just to see the interesting odd trinkets and handmade craft items the vendors are selling.
The Collective Markets South Bank
Stanley Street
Found a link listing down several markets you can go check out in Brisbane -

P8028670 copy P8028675 copy

Ended our short two day stay in Brisbane with a takeout breakfast from Jak+Hill.
Caught a pre-arranged shuttle to the airport to collect our rental car from Apex so that our road trip towards Gold Coast could commence.

Gold Coast

P8028678 copy P8028679 copy P8028686 copy P8028687 copy P8028688 copy

Took us a while to hunt down this place due to our extremely poor sense of direction.
Only managed to grab lattes and a slice of pecan pie because their kitchen was closed when we got there.
Heard good things about this place though,
you might want to check it out during proper meal timings!

Black Coffee Lyrics
60/3131 Surfers Paradise Blvd
Level 2 Centre Arcade
P8028694 copy
P8028698 copy
Guzman Y Gomez
Paradise Shopping Centre
22/8 Cavill Avenue Surfers Paradise
Was googling for the address of the outlet I visited and just realised that they have an outlet in Singapore as well.
Definitely going to try it and see if it tastes as good here!

P8028702 copy P8028711 copy P8028718 copy P8038730 copy P8038735 copy

Made kale chips and had breakfast on the balcony because the supermarkets in Aussie were mindblowing-ly awesome and we had a kitchen space. Heh.
I love, love, LOVE the selection of granolas they have over there.
Singapore's look so sad in comparison.

P8038727 copy

Recommending our Gold Coast accommodation because we got a free upgrade + the morning views were just breathtaking.
Not sure how convenient it is though, if you don't happen to drive.
We mostly drove around in Gold Coast so going to places was not an issue.
Mantra Wings
18 Fern Street

Not the most comprehensive guide because I didn't know if I would even be blogging about it.
Going to get on with this as soon as I have more time on my hands to pare down and edit the rest of the 8353742895 pictures I took on this trip.