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I think I've been doing a pretty swell job of keeping onto of my 2015 resolutions thus far...
But still too early to say,
it's barely past February!

Have been conscientious with my plans to hit the gym and weekly runs,
save for last week which was CNY week.
In my defense,
I still did a 5.4km run at the park just right next to my house even though I didn't manage to visit the gym.


I was really happy when Sylvia of emailed me earlier and told me she would love to send some sportswear over to me.

Eagerly ripped my parcel apart when I received it and am happy to report here that I love all the 4 items I picked!




Escapade Active Tank

Linked it up for you to save you the hassle!
I heard from Sylvia that this is selling really fast.
Grab yours quick!

Sizing wise, I'm a UK6 and wears Size S for this tank top perfectly.
Material is really stretchy and it comes with an in-built bra to provide maximum support for your workouts.

Honestly super impressed by the fit and choice of fabrics (I have this secret workaholic habit of checking out fabrics on all kinds of apparels) for their manufactured pieces.

Can't wait to feature the rest of the pieces I've picked,
and of course to wear them for my workouts.

And before I forget,
you can quote <joycesayshello> for a 10% off minimum $50 spent!
Yay to discount codes!

Side note,
I'm really loving my vibrant red hair colour which I got done in time for CNY at my trusty hair sponsor,
Covo Salon.

More pictures on my Dayre post HERE!


Resolutions 2015.

Hello again, blog!
Have not been good with blogging lately, but hey,
at least I've been coming here every now and then to wipe the dust off.

Was about to start with gasping about how fast the year has zoomed past.
But recently,
I realised that only people who are no longer young do that.
So I shall try my best to not do it.

Already posted my reflections for 2014 and resolutions for 2015 on my Dayre but I think I'll do another set for the blog!
Easier to search for posts on the blog and I think I would want to revisit my resolutions when 2016 finally rolls around.

I vaguely recall making resolutions for 2014 so I ran a search on my blog and voila!
Here are my resolutions for 2014,
let's see how many of them I have managed to remotely achieve..
Or not.

2014 resolutions

- Stick to a budget every week and DO NOT OVERSPEND. 
I chose to determine my budget according to weeks because some weeks require more spending, such as special occasions etc. I really need to start saving up for the flat which is coming our way in 2017, renovations and furniture are no joke. BOO. 

 - Exercise at least once a week and stop indulging in so much junk food. Healthy body, healthy mind, positive mindset! 

 - Stop being so short tempered and negative and give out more positive vibes. 

 - Update my blog at least once every week. I think I've achieved this for most of 2013 and so I'm going to try not to break the streak! 

 - Make sure that I have savings of at least $__________ by the end of 2014. MAKE SURE MAKE SURE!!! 

 - Be a better person to everyone around me.

Evidently, I have not stuck to my resolutions last year at all.
In fact, I failed pretty terribly at the "update my blog at least once every week" part.
Does this mean that I should stop making resolutions?

Read somewhere that we should print out our resolutions, frame them up and put them somewhere we can see on a daily basis.
To constantly remind ourselves of what has yet to be achieved for the year and to push ourselves to work towards them.
That's a good idea actually, makes it more like a to-do-list instead of something we only look at after the entire year has passed us by.
Maybe then I will finally start to see my resolutions come to fruition after a year.

So anyway,
here're my wishes/resolutions/goals for this year!

To be more driven and self motivated at work. And also to motivate others! 

 Better lifestyle habits - exercise more, drink more water and retire to bed earlier than 4am. 

 Things to stop doing - overthinking, saying 'yes' and 'ok' all the time, being negative in situations that I cannot help. 


 Read more.

Also, importantly, I need to stop procrastinating so damn much.
Forgot to include this in my Dayre post but it is seriously the bane of my life.
I need to be more on the ball, start moving and stop waiting.
The fact that I have not even unpacked my luggages from my BKK trip (came back on 21 Dec) speaks volumes about how much I can procrastinate.

I think that's all to my resolutions for 2015!
Think they are all pretty achievable as long as I keep them in mind.

For a start,
I've already signed up for gym membership with Yoko and have been running twice a week for the past 2 weeks.
My "Better lifestyle habits" resolution looks well on it's way to being achieved.
Alright, better not say too early!
Else I might have to eat my words when I do my review for 2015 resolutions.

Have you done your resolutions yet?
What do you hope to achieve for 2015?